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by Rob Tillett

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Cancer Cancer Daily December 2014
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Daily forecasts for December 2014 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Dec 1: Take It Easy
Take it easy today otherwise the most insignificant things will get you down in no time at all. If you get a difficult letter in the post or you have a tricky conversation with a loved one, your spirits will sink straight down to your ankles and stay there for the rest of the day. Life is not as tough as it seems right now, so keep reminding yourself of that fact. A bar of chocolate or a fistful of biscuits might help, too. Lucky colours are ginger and spring green. Lucky numbers are 30 and 72.
Go to TopTue Dec 2: In Command
You're much more in command of your emotions today, which is just as well because you'll get a lot done if you try. You'll be especially effective when it comes to clearing your desk of all the paper that's covering it at the moment, and I'm not talking about shoving it on to the floor, either. If you've been waiting for news of a pay rise or bonus, it could arrive any minute now. Lucky colours are mauve and coffee. Lucky numbers are 30 and 51.
Go to TopWed Dec 3: Romantic Crabs
You're in a highly romantic mood today, which is great if you're with your beloved and you trust them implicitly. You'll have a wonderful time together and the rest of the world will just melt away. But try to be a little more realistic if you're dealing with money matters because there's a strong chance that someone is trying to manipulate you or part you with what's rightfully yours. Alternatively, you may be trying something similar with them, even though you daren't admit it to yourself. Lucky colours are burgundy and pale pink. Lucky numbers are 5 and 67.
Go to TopThu Dec 4: Gullible
As mighty Mars marches into your eighth house, sex, money and financial analysis enter the frame. Psychological analysis is also favoured. A partner's income or jointly-held property needs more attention than usual. You may be forced to collect debts and favours owed to you, or arrange to pay your own debts. Insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money you manage for others may also demand more time and attention. Situations with regard to sex include the physical act itself, counselling, or surgical procedures you undergo. Lucky colours are hazelnut and copper. Lucky numbers are 8 and 16.
Go to TopFri Dec 5: Hectic Love Life
It's a hectic day for your love life, so be prepared! If you've been trying to hide your feelings for you-know-who, they could spill out now in an unstoppable rush. Everything that follows will be X-rated. If you're already happily paired up with someone, the atmosphere between you will be exciting, combustible and sexy. Lucky colours are peach and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 8 and 22.
Go to TopSat Dec 6: Full Moon
A powerful sense of adventure sweeps over you today, making you eager to rise to challenges and to pick up the gauntlet that life throws at your feet. There will be a certain amount of daring and courage in all this, and you might even surprise yourself by getting involved in situations that would normally send you running in the opposite direction. Lucky colours are midnight blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopSun Dec 7: Finely Honed
Your powers of concentration are finely honed today, enabling you to focus on something to the exclusion of all else. This is just what you need if you're hoping to make a big dent in your workload or you're doing something very fiddly or detailed. But it's important that you know when to stop, otherwise you might get really weary and lose your effectiveness. Lucky colours are sage green and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 11 and 39.
Go to TopMon Dec 8: Tendency To Brood
Someone dear to your heart isn't exactly a barrel of laughs today, are they? Is it your imagination or are they taking a perverse delight in spreading doom and gloom in all directions? If they've got good reason to be miserable then they deserve your sympathy, but even so it may not last for long. Try to keep active and cheerful, otherwise you'll also develop a tendency to brood. Lucky colours are navy and gold. Lucky numbers are 20 and 69.
Go to TopTue Dec 9: Nervous Energy
If you want to avoid having a row with someone, get out and about as much as possible today so you can work off all your nervous energy. If you stay in one place for too long you'll be in danger of becoming moody, and possibly even a right old crosspatch. You might also lose your temper with loved ones who are being bolshie or who have the audacity to disagree with you about something. Lighten up, Cancer! Lucky colours are pistachio and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 51.
Go to TopWed Dec 10: Time For Love
Sensual Venus encourages harmony in your closest relationships during the next few weeks; this is a good time to tend to a neglected marriage, friendship, or partnership. Spend more time enjoying life with your closest companion... in the end, these are the memories that will sustain you. Sure, there is work to do, but you can still schedule time for love! Lucky colours are soft coral and lilac. Lucky numbers are 7 and 2.
Go to TopThu Dec 11: High Hopes
You've got high hopes about someone or something today, and you're confident that everything will turn out well. If a positive attitude is a guarantee of a positive outcome then you have nothing to worry about. But is it? There's a chance that you're being far too optimistic, and confusing fantasy with fact. If so, you'll be in for a big disappointment. Lucky colours are lemon and russet. Lucky number is19.
Go to TopFri Dec 12: Enjoy Yourself
Ideally, you should spend today enjoying yourself as much as possible. It's exactly what you're in the mood for, so you'll do it really well. Any form of socializing will be good fun, especially if it's taking place at home. You'll do your best to ensure that everyone has fun, and will take extra trouble with the food and drink. Lucky colours are dark purple and champagne. Lucky numbers are 4 and 76.
Go to TopSat Dec 13: Psychic Crustacean
The Moon is in your third house of communication, stimulating natural telepathic talents and abilities. The spirit world frequently communicates through the symbolic language of synchronicity, as what seems like coincidence is often quite meaningful. Keep your heart and mind open to soul messages. Lucky colours are pale yellow and ice blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 66.
Go to TopSun Dec 14: Secretive
If you're currently keeping something secret it will start to prey on your mind today and you'll worry about blurting it out at the wrong moment. It's one of those days in which you're absent-minded and completely wrapped up in your own thoughts. As a result, it will be hard to concentrate on anything else and this won't go down well in certain quarters. Lucky colours are avocado and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 14 and 61.
Go to TopMon Dec 15: Telepathic Link
What an amazing day! There's such a strong telepathic link between you and a certain someone that there is almost no need for words. You'll know what each other is thinking and will feel as though you're with a kindred spirit. This is bound to set you wondering about the purpose of your relationship, and you may even suspect that you were destined to know one another. Lucky colours are charcoal grey and mustard yellow. Lucky numbers are 35 and 59.
Go to TopTue Dec 16: Harmony
An air of co-operation and harmony surrounds your working life from today, which is just what you need if you've been wondering how to improve your relationship with a colleague or customer. Things should start to go a lot more smoothly from today, provided you're willing to make the effort to be more conciliatory and easy-going yourself. Perhaps you need to set a good example? Lucky colours are ochre and azure. Lucky numbers are 10 and 36.
Go to TopWed Dec 17: Partners Have Their Say
Mercury the Messenger moves into Capricorn and your solar seventh house, travelling there over the next three weeks so there'll be lots of discussion with partners and close associates. New creative schemes and dreams will hit the airwaves but old grievances or problems may surface. The most important thing is that you talk your way through whatever needs discussion. Lucky colours are sunflower and vibrant red. Lucky numbers are 7 and 5.
Go to TopThu Dec 18: What's Eating You
If you thought yesterday was fraught with tension the temperature rises a few notches again today. What's eating you? Maybe you're annoyed because your spare time is being eroded by duties that are weighing heavily on your shoulders. You might also be miffed by the flippant attitude of a certain person who you think should be taking life a lot more seriously. Calm down or you'll blow a gasket. Lucky colours are azure and coffee. Lucky numbers are 27 and 49.
Go to TopFri Dec 19: Cooling Down
Thank goodness the atmosphere is starting to cool down and you're in a better frame of mind! That's just as well because you're capable of achieving a tremendous amount today, especially if you can pace yourself and make the best use of your considerable energy. It's a really good day for creative activities and these will help to blow away the cobwebs from yesterday. Lucky colours are lemon and lime. Lucky numbers are 20 and 69.
Go to TopSat Dec 20: Unravelling Problems
There have been times this month when communications have gone haywire but at long last they start to return to normal today. And not before time, especially if you've got to unravel some problems before the Christmas holidays begin. It's a terrific day for reaching decisions about your work or health, provided you're prepared to stick with them. Lucky colours are passionfruit and lavender. Lucky numbers are 32 and 70.
Go to TopSun Dec 21: The Solstice
The next four weeks are going to be really interesting and enjoyable, because the accent will be on your relationships. You might have a wonderful encounter with someone special, and there's even a chance that you could embark on a new partnership. This is certainly a time for teamwork rather than going it alone, even if it's only a temporary measure. Read about the Solstice and Yuletide. Lucky colours are russet and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 21 and 28.
Go to TopMon Dec 22: New Moon
The coming fortnight is excellent for getting involved in any form of teamwork because you'll pull your weight without overshadowing anyone else. It's a very auspicious period for making an emotional commitment to someone or for doing your best to understand what makes a certain person tick. Lucky colours are amethyst and copper. Lucky numbers are 16 and 25.
Go to TopTue Dec 23: Great Ideas
Your friends may have some brilliant ideas that will be a big help to you in the coming days; listen to what they have to say. This is the time to make changes, as structured Saturn, lord of karma, enters Sagittarius today, activating your house of work and health after two and a half years in Sexy Scorpio, your zone of romance, children and speculation. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017, so today begins a major change of phase! Take care not to overdo it. Today is also a wonderful day for love... those of you who have been going through growing pains in a relationship will find that you can have a breakthrough today. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings; let them out gradually to avoid an explosion. Lucky colours are sparkling orange and lime green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 19.
Go to TopWed Dec 24: Christmas Eve
Take things gently otherwise you'll end up running round in ever-decreasing circles. Yes, you may still have a lot to do but you won't achieve very much if you develop butterfingers or waste all your energy on a full-blown panic. Maybe you could rope someone into helping you, rather than doing your Cinderella act in the kitchen while everyone else takes it easy? Lucky colours are turquoise and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 39 and 39.
Go to TopThu Dec 25: Merry Christmas!
Despite the frazzled nature of the past few days, it looks like being a fabulous Christmas Day. You're all doing your best to sparkle and entertain, with one person being the star of the show. To put the icing on the cake, you might get a surprise phone call from someone who lives a long way away and who you weren't expecting to hear from. Read about Christmas. Lucky colours are fuchsia and jet black. Lucky numbers are 24 and 40.
Go to TopFri Dec 26: Kudos
You may receive kudos from your superiors or important people in your community, as the Moon blends with Neptune to encourage rewards from your creative imagination. Crabs who think they've had a bad year career-wise, listen up: Sometimes losing a job or quitting one can be the best thing that ever happened to you. When one door closes....... Lucky colours are celery green and camel. Lucky numbers are 13 and 52.
Go to TopSat Dec 27: Under The Mistletoe
Romance is never far away today and it will fill you with joy. If you've been hoping to kiss a certain person under the mistletoe but have despaired that it would ever happen, your wish could come true now. If you fancy trying your luck in the sales you'll find some great bargains, but try not to get carried away and bring home the whole shop. Lucky colours are champagne and jade. Lucky numbers are 34 and 15.
Go to TopSun Dec 28: Charm And Diplomacy
You've got so much charm and diplomacy today that you'll sail through all your encounters with other people. Things will go particularly well if you're at work, and you might even manage to smooth over a tricky moment with a certain person who normally causes a fuss. If you're taking part in a negotiation or interview, you'll be thrilled with your contribution. Lucky colours are pumpkin and burnished gold. Lucky numbers are 37 and 25.
Go to TopMon Dec 29: Curb Your Emotions
Be careful today Cancer, because your emotions could cloud certain issues as they often to and leave you feeling confused. You should be especially wary of believing what you want to believe, rather than believing the evidence in front of your eyes. It's easy to kid yourself now about someone's motives or reliability, even if deep down you know that you're telling yourself a load of old twaddle. Lucky colours are navy and tan. Lucky numbers are 7 and 52.
Go to TopTue Dec 30: Thoughts Into Words
Discussions and meetings go really well today because you're finding it easy to put your thoughts into words. You'll also show that you respect other people's viewpoints even if they don't coincide with your own. It's a good day for making domestic plans, and some of these will be quite ambitious without being unrealistic or far-fetched. Lucky colours are spring green and silvery grey. Lucky numbers are 40 and 77.
Go to TopWed Dec 31: New Year's Eve
Once you accept that even the best-laid plans could go awry today, you'll find that life is a lot easier to cope with. So try your hardest to take everything in your stride, even if you do have to rethink an arrangement at the eleventh hour. At least it's never a dull moment! Do your best not to let the tensions of the day spoil what promises to be some spectacular New Year's Eve celebrations. It will be an opportunity to let off steam. Have fun! Lucky colours are shimmering purple and shimmering pink. Lucky numbers are 18 and 60.

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