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by Rob Tillett

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Cancer Cancer Daily July 2016
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Daily forecasts for July 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Jul 1: Prick Their Bubble
Someone is very full of themselves today, and after a while you'll wish you had a pin to prick their self-important bubble. They're keen to tell you how clever they are, and the better you know them the more this will grate. Be careful if you're involved in a property deal, such as buying a house, because you could overcommit yourself in order not to lose face. Lucky colours are pink and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 24 and 12.
Go to TopSat Jul 2: Out On A Limb
You're normally very keen to stick to the true and tried, but today you're ready to go out on a limb and take a chance. In fact, you'll feel as though you're missing out if you can't spread your wings and do something different for a change today. Ideally, it should be connected with travel or anything else that fills you with a spirit of adventure. Lucky colours are apricot and avocado. Lucky numbers are 20 and 56.
Go to TopSun Jul 3: Domestic Comforts
This is the perfect day for pottering about in familiar surroundings and enjoying domestic comforts. You'll also get a big kick out of doing some entertaining, although you aren't in the mood for doing anything very ambitious, such as cooking a lavish meal for twenty of your dearest friends. A relaxing picnic or a cosy meal around the kitchen table is more your style right now. Lucky colours are mushroom and green. Lucky numbers are 37 and 1.
Go to TopMon Jul 4: New Moon
This is a really important day because there's a New Moon in your sign and it will be lighting up your life during the next two weeks. This marks the ideal opportunity for you to begin a new chapter in your life, perhaps by embarking on an exciting challenge or making a fresh start. It's also the perfect excuse to give yourself a makeover and evolve into a brand new you. Lucky colours are magenta and blue. Lucky numbers are 32 and 37.
Go to TopTue Jul 5: Spend Time On You
Spend time today concentrating on personal matters. That might mean getting your hair cut, doing some essential shopping or, if you're really lucky, devoting a couple of hours to pampering yourself. You're very wrapped up in yourself today, which makes it difficult for you to think about anyone else for long. As a result, you may be happier if you can be left on your own. Lucky colours are quartz and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 2 and 71.
Go to TopWed Jul 6: Show Off Your Talents
You're eager to get moving and achieve something today, preferably while working by yourself so you aren't distracted by anyone. It's a great day for showing off some of your talents, because you'll be able to do so without being big-headed about it. Make the most of your current quiet confidence, and don't for one moment imagine that all your efforts are going unnoticed. Lucky colours are gold and silver. Lucky numbers are 30 and 20.
Go to TopThu Jul 7: Sunny Mood
A certain person is in a very sunny mood today and prepared to look favourably on you. This is very good news, especially if they're in a position of power or influence over you. Sort out any official money matters that currently need your attention. Don't leave them until they reach crisis point. Lucky colours are honeycomb and crimson. Lucky numbers are 23 and 22.
Go to TopFri Jul 8: Stay In Your Shell
You're in a home-loving mood today and won't want to stray too far from your own front door if you can possibly avoid it. In fact, your idea of heaven is to laze around at home, doing exactly what you want and not having to make any sort of effort for anyone. Mind you, it will be a different story when it comes to cooking or preparing food, because eating is pretty important to you right now. Lucky colours are jade and caramel. Lucky numbers are 31 and 69.
Go to TopSat Jul 9: Tremendous Charm
You have tremendous charm today, so make the most of it. You're also able to put your feelings into words, which is very handy if there's something important to say. There will be no danger of you being tongue-tied or lost for words, so grab this heaven-sent chance to speak from the heart. If you're doing any buying or selling today you'll be a very clever negotiator. Lucky colours are aquamarine and violet. Lucky numbers are 26 and 41.
Go to TopSun Jul 10: Chit Chat
This is a wonderful day for mixing with people and chatting to whoever happens to be around. You'll enjoy keeping up with all the gossip, not to mention spreading some of your own. You'll also have fun if you can go shopping, even if you're only looking and don't intend to buy anything. Lucky colours are navy and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 35 and 54.
Go to TopMon Jul 11: Live Wire
You're a real live wire today, dear Cancer! What's more, you're feeling confident and energetic, making it a great day for taking part in discussions and negotiations. You have a lot to say for yourself, so you're a very lively and entertaining companion. You'll feel even better if you can have a change of scene at some point. Lucky colours are blue and emerald. Lucky numbers are 22 and 38.
Go to TopTue Jul 12: Urge to Splurge
Venus leaves your sign today and as she enters Leo for a month or so, personal finances, friendships, and your values are likely to be stressed. You will experience an urge to splurge on luxury items. More money than usual goes out on social or cultural events, as well as on investments to enhance your appearance or the attractiveness of your environment. Wealth connected with social status may arise in some form. Lucky colours are yellow topaz and azure. Lucky numbers are 19 and 42.
Go to TopWed Jul 13: Money Mistakes
Be very careful when handling money today because it will be easy to make a silly mistake. For instance, you might hand over too much cash to someone who isn't honest enough to point out your mistake, or there could be a completely innocent financial slip-up that still ends up costing you dear. Keep a firm grip on your belongings when you're out and about, too. Lucky colours are green and brown. Lucky numbers are 25 and 17.
Go to TopThu Jul 14: Time To Yourself
You'll value having some time to yourself as Mercury enters Leo, particularly if you can do things that matter to you but which aren't necessarily very important to anyone else. How about giving yourself some pampering, whether that means soaking in the bath while reading a good book or treating yourself to a session in your local beauty salon? You'll enjoy spoiling yourself. Lucky colours are fudge and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 7 and 8.
Go to TopFri Jul 15: Meeting Deadlines
This is a fantastic day for being busy at work, especially if you have an important deadline or you really want to impress someone. It's also very fortuitous if you're thinking of making some significant changes to your working life, such as applying for promotion or a better-paid job. Keep your goals in mind and keep plodding on. Lucky colours are blue and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 50.
Go to TopSat Jul 16: Defensive Crabs
Family matters leave a lot to be desired today. You're feeling slightly defensive, and as a result it seems that everyone is trying to get at you. An old problem or past grievance may also come back to haunt you, which doesn't exactly help matters. Do your best to keep calm and not to blow trivial problems into major dramas. Lucky colours are peach and cream. Lucky numbers are 16 and 13.
Go to TopSun Jul 17: Stay Positive
Life looks pretty good to you now, my lovely Crustaceans. You're feeling gregarious and cheerful, and even if things haven't been going very well for you lately you're prepared to make an effort to stay positive today. Ideally, you should get together with some of your favourite people and do something nice with them. You'll also enjoy exercising your creative talents. Lucky colours are taupe and marmalade. Lucky numbers are 11 and 33.
Go to TopMon Jul 18: Joys Of Eating
Once again you're feeling upbeat and happy. It helps that you're also feeling quite healthy and energetic. It will do you good to take some exercise, especially if your sweet tooth keeps reminding you about those biscuits sitting in the tin, or that bar of chocolate in your desk drawer. Yes, it's a day when the joys of eating are never far from your thoughts. Lucky colours are lime and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 14 and 9.
Go to TopTue Jul 19: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon will put plenty of emphasis on your relationships during the coming fortnight. Unfortunately, this won't always be an enjoyable experience because it will stir up residual problems and grievances that have been waiting to see the light of day. You might also realize some uncomfortable truths about one of the people in your life, making you wonder what your next step should be. Lucky colours are marigold and sepia. Lucky numbers are 8 and 11.
Go to TopWed Jul 20: Cheery Day
You're feeling pretty good, Cancer. Things are going well and there's a lot to feel cheerful about. You're even prepared to forgive someone if they've upset you recently, and as far as you're concerned there will be no hard feelings. It's a lovely day for gathering your nearest and dearest around you and enjoying their company. Lucky colours are obsidian and maple. Lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
Go to TopThu Jul 21: Infectious Enthusiasm
You've bags of energy today, especially at work. You're prepared to put a lot of effort into whatever you're doing, especially if that means you can save some valuable time that could be spent on more exciting ventures. If you're talking to colleagues or employees your current enthusiasm will be very infectious, so it's an excellent day for giving a pep talk or holding a team meeting. Lucky colours are grape and pearl. Lucky numbers are 6 and 15.
Go to TopFri Jul 22: Urge To Splurge
Your values and priorities in life will be highlighted during the next four weeks, making you realize exactly what and who is important to you. Try not to spend a lot of time on anything that you don't consider to be important, although sometimes that may be unavoidable. You may also get the urge to splurge, so watch those pennies! Lucky colours are silver and green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 21.
Go to TopSat Jul 23: Telepathic
Trust your natural telepathic abilities today and listen to your gut feelings if all else fails. Romantic relationships may stumble as misunderstandings abound, but this can be avoided by listening with your heart. Your children are also trying to communicate with you, so pay close attention to both what they say and what they don't say. Lucky colours are maroon and tan. Lucky numbers are 5 and 36.
Go to TopSun Jul 24: Need For Variety
You need plenty of variety in your day, or you'll feel bored and restless. Ideally, you should abandon your usual schedule if it doesn't appeal to you and do something completely different instead. If that isn't possible, at least try to have plenty of breaks and do something spontaneous when you get the chance. The one thing you don't want is to feel as though you're a robot who's just obeying orders. Lucky colours are persimmon and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 25 and 30.
Go to TopMon Jul 25: Organize Your Finances
This is an excellent day for getting yourself organized, especially at work and where money matters are concerned. Pay any bills before they become overdue (or you forget about them), and try to be as efficient as possible if you're at work. If you're in two minds about something, it's a good idea to pick the brains of someone you respect and trust. Lucky colours are lavender and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 25 and 9.
Go to TopTue Jul 26: Enjoyable And Easy-Going
On the whole this promises to be a very enjoyable and easy-going day, in which everything works out well for you. Try not to go overboard where your home and work are concerned. For instance, you might get carried away and take on too many commitments or start a task that you can't finish because it's so ambitious. Have fun instead. Lucky colours are jade and cream. Lucky numbers are 4 and 11.
Go to TopWed Jul 27: Stay Focused
More haste, less speed! It won't take much for you to work yourself up into a major flap if you have one eye permanently on the clock and you're trying to get everything done in time. The trouble is that doing everything so quickly is almost bound to lead to silly mistakes and possibly even to some butter-fingered moments. So try to calm down! Lucky colours are primrose and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 12 and 31.
Go to TopThu Jul 28: Social Tensions
There are tensions over the cost of a forthcoming plan or a social event. Maybe you simply don't see how you'll be able to raise the money, or perhaps a friend has the sort of expensive tastes that you can't keep up with. This will be disappointing, but something will be salvaged from it. It doesn't have to be a complete disaster. Lucky colours are jade and maroon. Lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
Go to TopFri Jul 29: Clear The Air
It seems that all yesterday's hassles haven't entirely melted away, because you're still feeling agitated about them. Clear the air with the other person, rather than keep your feelings to yourself. But don't let your tongue run away with you, or you'll end up saying more than you intended and hurting someone's feelings. Is it worth so much aggro? Lucky colours are yellow and brown. Lucky numbers are 12 and 8.
Go to TopSat Jul 30: Dream Catcher
Mercury the Messenger moves into your solar third house, sojourning there over the next three weeks. Your brain will be full of schemes. Sift through them and pick the ones that hold up over time. Dreams and intuition play an important part in decision-making. Creative Crabs opt for a different kind of expression. The ideas of others stimulate your thinking process. Lucky colours are milk chocolate and smoky red. Lucky numbers are 13 and 21.
Go to TopSun Jul 31: Find A Compromise
The last thing you want is to feel as though you're being tied down or restricted. Ideally, you should be able to do things on the spur of the moment, without having to ask anyone's permission or see if they want to tag along. You long to be a free spirit, but that could cause ructions if you're very close to someone. Find a compromise in order to keep everyone relatively happy. Lucky colours are velvet and primrose. Lucky numbers are 11 and 21.
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