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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for November 2014

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Romance and Relationship
Queen of Pentacles
There's delightful joy and harmony in your emotional life and relationships at this time. The only downer is the necessity to make more money to keep hearth and home viable. You'll have to put aside some of your more enjoyable activities in order to fulfil your financial duties this month, Cancer. Fresh opportunities come your way through caring and cooperative friends.
King of Pentacles
Once again that old money issue reappears in this sector. Money does keep coming in, but it seems to you to be a never-ending juggling act keeping up with the bills. Your work is secure enough, but what is needed is better handling of the income you do have. Learn how to budget and keep track of your income and your outgoings in an organised fashion.
The Emperor
This month makes extra financial demands on you, causing some anxiety. There's a connection here with a person or people from another country who need your assistance. A visit to your bank manager or financial adviser would serve you well. Once again, it is necessary to get a handle on your money, Cancer. A business venture you're contemplating could come to fruition with the help of friends, which will relieve a lot of the pressure.
Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Cups
There's a win of some kind heading your way. Money is involved, or at least there's some relief on your financial pressures. This will definitely be a month where hearth, home and loving relationships are the primary focus. This joy will over-ride any financial burdens. Ideas for new avenues of earning will be hatched in the month of November.

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