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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for July 2014

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Romance and Relationship
Ace of Pentacles
Your life has been rather busy of late, with much work demanded of you. The fact is, despite the fact that you may be a bit tired, that the money you need to relieve some of those labour demands is soon to be incoming. This will certainly bring more love and harmony into the family structure and allow a rekindling of that love that is the foundation of the home.
Three of Hearts
Not all is bright and happy in the workplace, Cancer. Although your work is appreciated by many, there's trouble with authority figures in relation to your very independent attitude to rules and authority. If you choose to remain somewhat rebellious of authority, it could lead to dismissal. Even though this would still leave you obliged to work hard at something, the ultimate lessons in wisdom would bring you to a place of acceptance and contentment.
Ace of Pentacles
Well, as we said in your sector of romance and relationship, money does come your way over this period, and it's likely to be money that comes aside from your work remuneration. As long as you apply the windfall to matters pertaining to home and family, this will be a time of happiness. But if you use the money selfishly, It will bring sadness to the home.
Focus of Soul or Being
Nine of Cups
This is a time when a wish of yours will be well planted in the realm of divine providence and soon come forth into reality. This will help you feel more faith in guidance from Spirit and subsequently more accepting of certain circumstances in life that have thrown you into shouldering greater responsibility than previously. New growth of wisdom will bring about renewal and regeneration of your positivity and faith.

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