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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for July 2016

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King of Swords
Your emotional life is rich with contentment and many joys. Your closest love relationship is also a professional relationship and it certainly won't hurt that love connection as the professional side of things take of and become a remunerative reality. A relationship with someone overseas will bring a troublesome issue to your attention and as the professional remuneration comes in, some of it will be transferred overseas.
Go to Top Career
Ace of Cups
Everything's coming up roses for Cancer where career is concerned. The avenue of endeavour that you're sharing with a partner is truly flourishing and this brings both creative and financial input. Your last project has left you much the wiser in relation to details so your immediate inspiration can come through to reality all the faster. You're going to get some wonderful and unexpected surprises around your efforts this month.
Go to Top Finance
Five of Pentacles
Your creative inspiration and your practical drive are certainly bringing you out from struggle street and yet you're still involved in a juggle where money is concerned. This harks back to your sector of romance and relationship, where an overseas connection brings about a bit of a drain on your finances. But don't panic, the prosperity is still up and active too. There's more in the way of money and creativity to come through.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Wands
You really are carrying quite a weight of responsibility on your shoulders at this time, dear Cancer. What's more you will be feeling the slings and arrows that are inevitable in your areas of concern, more than you'd expected. You know how to centre yourself and free yourself of undue stress, so that you move forward to productive and comfortable achievements. Just remember to maintain those contemplative practices that work for you and you'll glide through all upsets with poise and ease..

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