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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for December 2014

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Romance and Relationship
Knight of Cups
Well, it's a busy month ahead, Cancer, almost too busy. There will be much in the way of social occasions with friends and family, and it will feel as if everyone wants a bit of you. You need to be strict about your energy boundaries, both emotional and physical. Perhaps you'll choose to pack up and go away for a brief time, just to avoid all the demands.
Two of Wands
Partnership, friendship, or dealings with someone probably not born in the country you're in, or perhaps educated abroad, will have a positive effect on your career. You will open up new paths of endeavour for yourself with the encouragement or assistance of the person mentioned. All this will constitute the need for a journey a little later in time. December will be a month of much creative energy and endeavour.
Page of Swords
There will be tension over money this month. This will relate to both your professional life and your home life. It appears that you will be wanting to spend above your budget. A journey will change your financial position sufficiently to allow for the expenditure to be attainable without causing battles within the home or business.
Focus of Soul or Being
Love. Love blended and expressed on deeper levels than simply feeling love for someone or something. In other words, your experience of divine love will be enhanced. More than one avenue of profession or income is there, and somehow this experience of impersonal love will give greater strength to an aspect of the work you undertake.

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