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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for August 2014

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h5>Romance and Relationship
Queen of Pentacles
Greater financial security is going to make a positive difference to your personal, or home life. The hand of destiny will grant you ease after a period of rather frenetic and exhausting labours, where your financial responsibilities have driven you away from the more delightful responsibilities of the heart. You will have the time and inner peace to truly connect with family and loved ones at your leisure.
Nine of Wands
What occurs within your sector of career will feel initially like a re-visitation to past disappointments over work circumstances. Okay, it's not working out quite as you wanted, but don't let fears based on past experience narrate the story of what's going on now. It might take a bit of juggling at first, but you are actually being led forward onto a whole new path of opportunity. This fits your inner nature and creativity much better than your recent work path did.
King of Pentacles
Well, events in your work life seem to have rendered your financial prospects somewhat compromised, but don't worry, there's money all around you. Try not to descend into negativity about money, because accessing the abundance awaiting you must come from a positive mindset. Truly, you will soon be celebrating financial success.
Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Swords
This spread indicates that you certainly will attain a victory over those negative fears that you've carried with you from the past. This victory somehow leads you directly to where financial troubles will be healed. The sunshine ahead for you promises new growth in new ventures.

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