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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for April 2014

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Romance and Relationship
April brings you a sudden and extreme change, Cancer. Although this change will take quite some getting used to, it's accompanied by great celebration with friends, family and loved ones helping with the festivities. Either a change of address, or something of a home renovation working bee will be needed at this time. You'll be moving into a period of emotional contentment and greater abundance.
Four of Swords
Well, your career is somewhat on the backburner right now Cancer, and this is because events in your emotional or personal life are pretty well taking up all your focus. This is for the best of reasons. Emotional fulfilment and joy will see you postpone ambition for a while. Taking up on a chance offer will soon get you back in the proverbial saddle, moving forward with work aims.
Five of Pentacles
Finances haven't been too healthy of late and yet expenditure has been in fine fettle. The necessity to bring your finances into viable balance will become pretty obvious as the month draws to an end. Luckily, your hopes where money and income are concerned will soon be fulfilled. So, it'll be back to work for you. You have a strong burden of responsibility to live up to.
Focus of Soul or Being
Six of Wands
Although you will be wearing the laurel crown of victory, you will find certain inner fears, based on past experience, will also be making themselves obvious. Your mission is twofold: firstly this is an occasion for you to master some of those hidden fears. Beyond that, it's time to make sure you undertake a similar situation in a different way from the past. To be happily prepared to make some personal sacrifices will be the hallmark of a change.

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