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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for October 2014

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Romance and Relationship
Page of Pentacles
Your heartfelt wish, Cancer, is materially-oriented this month. Relationships and the harmony therein depend on adequate income to cover obligations that come to pass around this time. Well, you may not acquire the small fortune you wish for this month, but most importantly you will gain what you need in order to fulfil your obligations, thus honouring promises made within that special relationship that means so very much to you.
Two of Wands
Your career is affected by events concerning a person or people from overseas. This doesn't mean it will be an unhappy time, or that you will experience troubles within your work sphere. It's simply that events outside of your work schedule will be pressing and require you to do some pretty serious juggling in order to please everyone.
Queen of Pentacles
There's money around you Cancer and plenty of it. The problem is, in order to access that money, you're going to have to do some serious juggling in order to attain what is rightfully yours within the necessary time span. We're mostly talking about the inefficient cogs and wheels of the administering bodies around you. Soon you'll choose to make subtle changes to your administrative set-up around your income.
Focus of Soul or Being
The Lovers
Yes, there's love all around you, so it's a time of heightened emotion, but emotion of the best kind. This doesn't mean there won't be discord or inter-personal troubles to deal with, as a number of different people of different temperaments try to move around each other. Remember, no matter what squabbles break out, everyone is basically just wanting to find harmony within the love you all share.

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