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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for September 2014

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Romance and Relationship
Ten of Wands
So, it seems right at the moment that your world has shrunk to little but carrying the burdens of responsibility for home and loved ones. Finances are your responsibility, let alone pitching in with the labours involved with home life. It's all a juggle isn't it? Well, cheer up. It will soon prove to be very much worth it. You can expect a fine harvest in the near future, offering you greater prosperity and contentment, whilst diminishing those demands on your labour and lifting some of the responsibility off your shoulders.
The Fool
Cooperation in business affairs with two or three other people will prove very worthwhile to you. A project you are currently working on with these others will prosper by taking that wild chance that is emerging as a valid and appealing possibility this month. This will lead to more work for you, but the labours will be very enjoyable and, in time, financially pleasing.
Five of Cups
One door of financial security closes and, much to your surprise yet another door opens. Just when you think you've wrung as much as can be gained out of a venture or area of remunerative employment, you will find you have actually got plenty more to come from that particular yield. You will be provide with seed money to begin a new project with excellent potential for financial gain.
Focus of Soul or Being
The Star
That which you truly hope for is in the process of coming to fruition in September. The new path or lifestyle you want will begin to flourish and the finances you need to lighten up your work load will begin to look like a potential reality. It won't all happen over a couple of weeks, but what will emerge over a couple of weeks is the obvious sureness that it's very much in process. New study of some sort will become both attractive and possible.

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