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by Rob Tillett

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Capricorn Capricorn Daily December 2014
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Daily forecasts for December 2014 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Dec 1: Don't Stew
It's likely that your rather grave mood has been coloured by the current state of a relationship, perhaps because it isn't going as well as you would like or because you're feeling distanced from this person. Do your best not to worry about things that might never happen, nor to stew about problems that are little more than ancient history these days. Lucky colours are tea rose and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 17 and 32.
Go to TopTue Dec 2: Pretty Good
Thank goodness you're in a much happier mood today. In fact, you're feeling pretty good and your emotions are far more stable than they were yesterday. It's a wonderful day for getting together with someone special, or with a group of loved ones, and having a very cosy time. If you've been meaning to tell you-know-who how important they are to you, take a deep breath and do it now. Lucky colours are navy and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 6 and 64.
Go to TopWed Dec 3: Flights Of Fancy
It's one of those difficult days in which you could talk yourself into doing or thinking almost anything, given half a chance. Although you normally have both feet planted firmly on the ground, that isn't true today because you're indulging in some delicious flights of fancy. If you do disappear into a world of your own for some relaxing escapism, make sure you return to Planet Earth in the near future. Lucky colours are golden honey and azure. Lucky numbers are 14 and 1.
Go to TopThu Dec 4: Gullible
As Mars dives into your second house of personal finances, you need to put a lot of energy into your finances and other essential priorities during the next few weeks. In fact, you will feel annoyed if you can't! It's time for increasing income; working overtime, seeking an additional job, or doing whatever necessary to earn money. Take action to attain, or hold on to something or someone you deem highly worthwhile. It's an excellent phase for making some investments, provided that you have the money, but you shouldn't try this if you're currently counting every penny. Lucky colours are opal and cream. Lucky numbers are 2 and 12.
Go to TopFri Dec 5: Count On Them
Someone is extremely supportive and helpful today, and it feels really good to know that you can count on some support. You may know exactly who this person is, but there's also a strong possibility that you're being looked after by your guardian angel. But don't let this encourage you to take foolish risks or overstep the mark. Lucky colours are violet and hyacinth. Lucky numbers are 13 and 50.
Go to TopSat Dec 6: Full Moon
Pay attention to your health during the coming fortnight, especially if that means having some symptoms investigated by your doctor or giving up a habit that doesn't do you any good. It will also be a good opportunity to draw the line under any difficulties that you've been having with a colleague or customer, even if you have to be the one who makes the first move. Lucky colours are cobalt blue and dove grey. Lucky numbers are 14 and 23.
Go to TopSun Dec 7: Industrious Cappies
You're in an industrious mood but you'll be happiest if you can be left to your own devices as much as possible. It's not that you're feeling unfriendly, simply that you won't be able to concentrate very well if you're surrounded by lots of people. If you haven't even started writing your Christmas cards yet, try to remedy that at some point today. Lucky colours are chocolate and peach. Lucky numbers are 14 and 13.
Go to TopMon Dec 8: Fallen From Grace
Someone is in a finger-wagging mood and unfortunately they seem to be concentrating on you! Maybe they think you've fallen from grace for some reason, or perhaps you're simply the only person who happens to be around when they feel like letting off steam. Do your best not to fall into an equally critical and disgruntled mood, because it will soon make you feel wretched. Lucky colours are silver and cherry pink. Lucky numbers are 39 and 58.
Go to TopTue Dec 9: Hither And Thither
You're dashing around in several directions at once today because you're gripped by the burning desire to get things done. You're in a tearing hurry, and the problem is that this could make you rather irritable if things don't go the way you want or people don't jump to it. You might also be feeling angry with a friend, even if you can't put your finger on what's wrong. Lucky colours are jet black and pure white. Lucky numbers are 30 and 19.
Go to TopWed Dec 10: Venus Enters Capricorn
Venus the glorious goddess slips sweetly into your sign, giving the Goat a lift in social interactions. Company will seek you out, as you attend gatherings, parties, dinners and business lunches. It's a great time to network, so make a beeline for the hairdresser or the beauty parlour now. You'll want to look your best for the festive season, and maybe enjoy a change of image. Lucky colours are emerald and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Go to TopThu Dec 11: Imagination
Your imagination is working well and you'll have a fantastic time if you can allow your mind to wander in whichever direction it wants to go. Strange as it may sound, you'll have some brilliant results if you can do some daydreaming, because you'll hit on some great ideas. You will also have a lot of inspiration from listening to music or being in beautiful surroundings. Lucky colours are bright red and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 57.
Go to TopFri Dec 12: Falling Into Place
It's a great day because everything is going well and your plans fall into place with very little effort on your part. Everyone is being very co-operative, too, which is always good news, and probably little short of a miracle if you're seeing you-know-who. Once again, you'll enjoy being left alone at some point. Lucky colours are violet and ivory. Lucky numbers are 16 and 28.
Go to TopSat Dec 13: Spontaneity
Today is perfect for being spontaneous. If a good idea pops into your mind and it's feasible, go for it! A trip into the city if you live in the country will be stimulating, while those of you who live downtown should really consider going for a walk in the country. Change your routine in some way. A change of scenery is recommended to keep the Sea Goat happy and healthy. Lucky colours are chestnut brown and cherry red. Lucky numbers are 22 and 66.
Go to TopSun Dec 14: Sensitive State
Be careful about what you eat and drink today. Your body is in a very sensitive state, so you'd be well advised to steer clear of anything that might upset you or to which you're sometimes allergic. You should also try to avoid anyone who's a one-man germ factory, in case they generously pass on a few bugs to you. Right now, you could do without such things. Lucky colours are spring green and silver. Lucky numbers are 19 and 6.
Go to TopMon Dec 15: In The Mood To Spend
You're in the mood to spend some money today. That's fine if you've got it, because you'll have a wonderful time strolling around the shops. But it isn't such good news if you're supposed to be sticking to a strict budget because that will be well nigh impossible once you've seen something that catches your eye. It will keep saying 'Buy me, buy me!' Lucky colours are lime and jade. Lucky numbers are 13 and 78.
Go to TopTue Dec 16: Romantic Capricorn
From today you get the chance to prove how romantic and soppy you can be when the mood is right. So forget all about being a sensible Capricorn and arrange some candlelit encounters with that very special person in your life. There's a strong possibility that you could become involved in a relationship that has to be conducted in secret or which you want to keep strictly private. Lucky colours are dark green and champagne. Lucky numbers are 39 and 6.
Go to TopWed Dec 17: Talkative Sea Goats
As Mercury the Messenger moves through your sign over the next three weeks you'll have the gift of the gab for a while. Make sure you do some listening as well as talking.... You are entering a creative or productive period now; you're full of ideas but need to give some of them the flick and follow others through. In all the talk, secrets come to light. Lucky colours are sunrise yellow and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 24.
Go to TopThu Dec 18: Feeling Edgy
You're feeling edgy, and it won't be long before people start to get on your nerves. You might get very irritated by someone's funny little habits, yet feel you daren't say anything in case you go overboard. Or you could get very annoyed when someone blurts out something that was supposed to be a secret but which quickly becomes common knowledge. Lucky colours are hazelnut and antique gold. Lucky numbers are 26 and 14.
Go to TopFri Dec 19: Balanced Mood
You're in a much more balanced mood today, and feeling better about the world. If you're busy getting ready for the forthcoming celebrations, you'll have a good idea of how much effort is needed. It's a lovely day for being sociable, because you'll be able to hold your own even if you're with a group of strangers. Lucky colours are mother of pearl and magenta. Lucky numbers are 9 and 44.
Go to TopSat Dec 20: Emergency Gifts
Communications start to return to normal from today, which is a relief if you were getting fed up with the way conversations were being scrambled and skeletons were falling out of closets. Try to devote as much time as possible now to putting the finishing touches to your Christmas preparations, and checking that you've bought all the presents on your list. It's a good idea to have some emergency gifts standing by, in case you need them. Lucky colours are ivory and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 30 and 52.
Go to TopSun Dec 21: The Solstice
Your self-confidence rises by several notches from today, making you feel much more positive and resilient than you've been recently. This happy state of affairs will continue for the next four weeks, and it will be a marvellous opportunity for you to get new projects off the ground and take the initiative whenever possible. You should also start to write down your New Year resolutions. Read about the Solstice and Yuletide. Lucky colours are grape and lilac. Lucky numbers are 8 and 32.
Go to TopMon Dec 22: New Moon
Today's New Moon marks the perfect opportunity for you to embark on a fresh chapter in your life during the next two weeks. This could be anything, from moving house to falling in love, changing jobs to beginning a new health regime. A change of image could also be in the offing now, especially if you want to be a big hit throughout the festive season. Lucky colours are violet and copper. Lucky numbers are 22 and 40.
Go to TopTue Dec 23: Face Your Fears
With the Moon conjunct Venus in your sign today, many of you will be visited by the muse, so let your creative juices flow. Share your ideas with your friends and associates, who are likely to be very supportive. Exercise can be more fun than usual, so don't hesitate to go for a walk or jog. You'll appreciate the buzz, as stern Saturn, your life-ruler, enters Sagittarius, your twelfth house, after a long stay in Scorpio, restricting the attainment of your hopes and dreams. That's good, but over the next three years you must face your fears and worries, resolve issues from the past that weaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. Gosh. Time to dump those bad habits. Lucky colours are lilac and peach. Lucky numbers are 12 and 33.
Go to TopWed Dec 24: Christmas Eve
Take things slowly and all will be well. However, you must resist a tendency to be perfectionist over things that don't really matter, otherwise you'll never finish the chores. If you're busy with Christmas preparations, you'll have to control a nagging feeling that you've got to compete with the way other people have done things in the past. Lucky colours are mustard yellow and silvery grey. Lucky numbers are 34 and 3.
Go to TopThu Dec 25: Merry Christmas!
It looks like being a terrific day, full of enjoyment and excitement. Everything will go really well, although there will be one or two surprises to keep you on your toes. But don't worry, because they won't be anything you can't cope with and they may even add some entertainment and variety to the day. Read about Christmas. Lucky colours are passionfruit and mango. Lucky numbers are 18 and 24.
Go to TopFri Dec 26: Telepathy
You will find it is easy to understand others without the need for words today; some may even find they experience telepathy. It may be hard to express what you want to say in words, but body language and subtle nuances should be exceptionally clear to you. Listen to what your heart is saying today and don't pay much attention to the voices in your head. Lucky colours are golden amber and brilliant blue. Lucky numbers are 13 and 52.
Go to TopSat Dec 27: Hitting The Sales
You'll have a fabulous time if you're longing to see what's on offer in the sales, especially if you want to buy yourself some new clothes or cosmetics. However, you won't pay much attention to how much you're spending, and may even deliberately avoid thinking about it. Do yourself a favour and don't go overboard if you can't afford it. Lucky colours are peach and navy. Lucky numbers are 20 and 69.
Go to TopSun Dec 28: Choose Your Words Carefully
This is a marvellous day for having a discreet word in someone's ear. You'll be able to choose your words carefully, making you very tactful and considerate, and as a result you will have a helpful conversation. This is also a good opportunity to talk about topics that are very dear to your heart, or which are usually too private to mention. Lucky colours are burnt orange and violet. Lucky numbers are 40 and 2.
Go to TopMon Dec 29: Confusion Reigns
Confusion reigns supreme today, especially when dealing with financial matters. You could get into a muddle when sorting out your accounts or when working out how much you owe someone, even though you may not notice this at the time. It certainly isn't the day for parting with large sums of money because the chances of something going wrong are very high. Lucky colours are primrose yellow and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 33.
Go to TopTue Dec 30: New Year Resolutions
Get together with someone you respect and admire because you'll really enjoy their company. The conversation could soon turn to highly personal areas, yet there won't be any hesitation in talking straight from the heart. At some point you'll be in the mood to think about your New Year resolutions. Maybe you should write them in next year's diary so you can keep referring to them. Lucky colours are pale pink and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 18.
Go to TopWed Dec 31: New Year's Eve
A certain person is strong-willed today and they'll be very reluctant to do anything they don't want to do. This could lead to some ructions in which everyone becomes firmly entrenched in their own opinions and refuses to acknowledge anyone else's point of view. Get the arguments out of the way early on, so you can then concentrate on having a really enjoyable New Year's Eve. Lucky colours are blood red and jet black. Lucky numbers are 29 and 16.

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