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by Rob Tillett

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Libra Libra Daily for August 2014
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Daily forecasts for August 2014 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Aug 1: Screaming Pitch
It's difficult to keep track of your thoughts today because they're whirling around in so many different directions. This will make you seem rather absent-minded to others because you'll be so easily distracted. There are also more interruptions to contend with than usual, making you long for some peace and quiet. So do yourself a favour and have some time on your own, otherwise you'll end up at screaming pitch. Lucky colours are khaki and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 39 and 65.
Go to TopSat Aug 2: Erratic Energy
Your energy levels are very erratic today, making it difficult to get through the day smoothly. Try to treat your body with respect, because existing on a meagre or unhealthy diet will only make the problem worse. If you're at work, a colleague might blow hot and cold, or there could be an unexpected encounter with a certain person that leaves you wondering what on earth is going on. Lucky colours are platinum and dark yellow. Lucky numbers are 8 and 53.
Go to TopSun Aug 3: Red Tape
Approach life from as practical an angle as possible today. You aren't interested in theories or suppositions - you want to deal with the facts. This makes it an ideal day to sort out problems at work or to unravel a tangle of red tape. If you're talking to someone important on the phone, it will help to take notes of your conversation in case you need to refer to it again. Lucky colours are burgundy and white. Lucky numbers are 2 and 14.
Go to TopMon Aug 4: Martyrdom
Watch out for someone who's thinking and behaving like a martyr. They obviously want your approval and respect, but they're going about it in the wrong way. There may also be more than a hint of self-satisfaction in their behaviour, making you suspect that they're actually on an ego trip. But whether you dare to say any of this is another matter! Lucky colours are aqua and apricot. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopTue Aug 5: Dazzling Librans
Make the most of your social life today, whether that means going to a big party or simply having a quick drink with a friend. You're in a very gregarious and outgoing mood, which is guaranteed to attract plenty of attention, especially from the opposite sex. This is just what you want if you're hoping to dazzle a certain someone with your charms and leave them gasping for more. Lucky colours are smoky quartz and dark pink. Lucky numbers are 6 and 70.
Go to TopWed Aug 6: Follow The Rules
You're able to make some very powerful and long-lasting changes to your life today, provided that you follow some important rules. For a start, you should consult anyone who'll be affected by what you're proposing, and if possible you should get their approval or co-operation before going ahead. You must also keep control of your emotions and be very aware of what you're doing. Lucky colours are bright red and deep gold. Lucky numbers are 24 and 55.
Go to TopThu Aug 7: Cut To The Chase
You're in an incisive frame of mind, which is perfect for reaching decisions. Right now you have no desire to beat about the bush, nor to fudge the issue, and so you'll want to go straight to the heart of the matter. You'll use no-nonsense language, which some people might find uncompromising. Nevertheless, you have to speak as you find at the moment. Lucky colours are peach and plum. Lucky numbers are 48 and 60.
Go to TopFri Aug 8: Getting To Grips
You're in a practical mood today, so get to grips with anything that currently needs your attention. For instance, you might want to go over some accounts or pay a few bills, or you could have to check the terms of an insurance policy. You won't flinch from whatever it is you have to do, even if it isn't very interesting or fun. You'll simply do what you need to do. Lucky colours are pistachio and sable. Lucky numbers are 33 and 2.
Go to TopSat Aug 9: Caught Out
Be wary about making wild statements or exaggerated claims today because they'll come back to haunt you. You are likely to be caught out, which could leave you with a red face. Although you're very steamed up about something that offends your principles or beliefs, try not to turn it into a major drama or use it as an excuse to lose your temper about other things. Lucky colours are navy and olive. Lucky numbers are 27 and 49.
Go to TopSun Aug 10: Full Moon
If you're currently working on a creative or artistic project, think how proud you'll feel if you can put the finishing touches to it during the coming fortnight. You'll then have the confidence to start something that's even more ambitious and which stretches your talents still further. This will also be a good time to smooth over any problems with a loved one that have been bugging you recently. Lucky colours are teal blue and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 18 and 70.
Go to TopMon Aug 11: Emotional Rapport
Play your cards right and you'll be able to form a strong emotional rapport with someone you admire and respect. If you're really lucky, they might tuck you under their wing or grant you some favours. It will help if you're polite to them but don't fall into the trap of buttering them up too much because that will make them wonder what you really want from them. Lucky colours are peacock blue and iridescent green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 20.
Go to TopTue Aug 12: Kindred Spirits
Charming Venus makes the coming four weeks a fantastic time for being with friends and kindred spirits. It will do you the world of good to be with people who are on the same wavelength as you, and you might even find that you have a lot more in common than you first realized. There is even a chance that someone who starts as a friend ends up as a lover or partner. Lucky colours are lavender and almond. Lucky numbers are 11 and 13.
Go to TopWed Aug 13: Pleasant Surprises
There are some very pleasant surprises in store for you today, especially where your work is concerned. You might hit it off so well with a colleague or customer that it almost seems as though you're flirting with each other -- and maybe you are! If a relationship gets off the ground today it will be fun-loving, unusual and very entertaining. Lucky colours are strawberry and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 37 and 50.
Go to TopThu Aug 14: Solitude
Remember to make a little time to yourself, dear Libra. You need some solitude and peace, even if the only way to get it is to lock yourself in the bathroom or go for a long walk. There are certain things that you need to mull over, and you won't be able to do that properly if lots of other people are milling about. You might also enjoy doing some meditation or creative visualization. Lucky colours are oyster and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 37 and 10.
Go to TopFri Aug 15: Wavelength
Seize the opportunity of an in-depth conversation with someone who's on your wavelength. You'll enjoy talking to them, and possibly even sharing some secrets with them. If you're hoping that this person thinks of you as more than just a friend, you'll get a good idea now of whether you're barking up the wrong tree or they reciprocate your feelings. Lucky colours are tangerine and navy. Lucky numbers are 39 and 4.
Go to TopSat Aug 16: Time For Reflection
Do some hard thinking between now and the end of August. Ideally, you should re-evaluate decisions that you've taken recently and make sure that you're happy about them. Once you've done that, you can extend your thoughts to the past and reflect on some of the things that have happened to you in your life. You may get an entirely new perspective on them as a result. Lucky colours are peach and plum. Lucky numbers are 29 and 52.
Go to TopSun Aug 17: Reality And Optimism
You strike a good balance between reality and optimism today, so it's a brilliant chance to make plans and lay the foundations for future projects. You're also full of common sense without it turning you into a stick-in-the-mud. You'll do well if you can work by yourself for a while, because that will help your mind to focus on whatever is most important at the moment. Lucky colours are blackberry and mahogany. Lucky numbers are 15 and 38.
Go to TopMon Aug 18: Strange Day
It's a strange day because there's a lot you want to say, but there may be reasons why you feel you have to stay silent. Perhaps you're worried about hurting someone's feelings if you blurt out your thoughts, and that's certainly possible now. You might also accidentally reveal more than you intended if you speak without thinking it through first. So be careful! Lucky colours are brilliant white and blood red. Lucky numbers are 40 and 16.
Go to TopTue Aug 19: All At Once
Everything seems to be happening at once today. There could be lots of distractions to cope with; important pieces of paper might go astray or you may have to deal with an appliance that refuses to behave itself. All this is likely to make you want to tear your hair out with frustration unless you can distance yourself from all this mayhem and keep calm. Lucky colours are lemon and aqua. Lucky numbers are 28 and 4.
Go to TopWed Aug 20: Long Face
Why the long face? You're feeling rather downcast and lacklustre right now, and everything seems to involve too much effort. Do your best to face up to whatever is wrong, and also to view it in a rational light. That's because it is highly likely that you're making mountains out of molehills, and allowing even minor snags to get you down. A short break might help. Lucky colours are lime and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 67.
Go to TopThu Aug 21: Kick Up Your Heels
Give yourself some light relief today, whether that means going out with friends, attending a big social event or losing yourself in a favourite hobby. You're about to enter a more reflective phase now, so make the most of this chance to kick up your heels and make merry. You might make a new chum along the way, which will be a bonus. Lucky colours are beige and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 17 and 77.
Go to TopFri Aug 22: Contemplative
During the next four weeks there will be times when you long to be left to your own devices. That's because you'll be feeling quite solitary and contemplative, and won't feel like making the effort to be sociable. You may have to explain these phases to your nearest and dearest, so they don't think you've suddenly gone off them or that you've got something to hide. Lucky colours are azure and oyster. Lucky numbers are 27 and 41.
Go to TopSat Aug 23: Heart On Your Sleeve
This is an excellent day for talking about things that are dear to your heart or which you normally like to keep secret. You'll be choosy about who you talk to, because you'll have to feel that you trust them. If someone wants to confide in you, make sure that you can keep their secrets. If you can't it might be better to suggest that they talk to someone else. Lucky colours are teal blue and purple. Lucky numbers are 34 and 55.
Go to TopSun Aug 24: Telepathy
Do you believe in telepathy? If not, you soon will because it's working strongly for you right now. For instance, you might be thinking about someone only to have them ring up a minute later, or you and a loved one might both start talking about the same thing at the same time. If distance separates you from a certain person, you may feel their presence as though they were standing next to you. Lucky colours are grapefruit and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 35 and 22.
Go to TopMon Aug 25: New Moon
Certain worries have been plaguing you recently and today's New Moon is encouraging you to do something about them during the coming fortnight. If you can't alter the circumstances that you find yourself in at the moment, then you need to alter your attitude towards them. You may not be able to do this on your own, so consider seeking professional help if needs be. Lucky colours are banana and apricot. Lucky numbers are 78 and 12.
Go to TopTue Aug 26: On Your Conscience
This is a really good day for dealing with anything that's been on your conscience recently. It will be a huge relief to take some constructive action at long last, and it will also go better than you might have imagined. You have quite a lot of energy right now and you'll enjoy using up some of it in domestic chores, such as doing some cleaning or gardening. Lucky colours are aqua and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 14 and 16.
Go to TopWed Aug 27: Minor Accidents
You're in a very erratic mood today, making it difficult to settle down to anything for long before you start to get bored or irritated. Ideally, you should have as many distractions and changes of pace as possible now, to keep yourself interested in what's going on around you. Concentrate when using sharp or hot objects to avoid becoming accident-prone. Lucky colours are dusky pink and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 27.
Go to TopThu Aug 28: Sort Them Out
If there have been problems with you-know-who recently, this is a good day to sort them out. You won't have to make a huge production out of it, either, because a few quiet words in their ear might be all that's needed to get things back on track. Alternatively, if someone wants to reason with you, you'll be very receptive to what they're saying. Lucky colours are sable and champagne. Lucky numbers are 78 and 44.
Go to TopFri Aug 29: Logic Or Emotion?
You're torn between logic and emotion today, with the result that you'll keep changing your mind about what you think. This will be made worse if you ask others for their opinions because you'll quickly decide that they're right, before moving on to the next person and probably revising your views again in the light of what they say. You'll end up going round in circles if you carry on like this! Lucky colours are smoky quartz and white quartz. Lucky numbers are 28 and 63.
Go to TopSat Aug 30: Out And About
Get out and about as much as possible today. Ideally, you should forget about your usual routine and do something completely different for a change, because it will be a real tonic. You'll also enjoy getting together with people who have a refreshing take on life and who can help you to see it from another angle. Lucky colours are marmalade and dark brown. Lucky numbers are 39 and 19.
Go to TopSun Aug 31: Fragile Emotions
Your emotions are in rather a fragile state today, and you're quite likely to imagine that someone has slighted you when that isn't really what's happened at all. Maybe they're simply too busy to spend as much time with you as you'd like. Resist the temptation to tell yourself that this is the end of the road, or that you're going to finish the relationship through sheer pique. Wait and see what happens during the next few days before taking such desperate measures. Lucky colours are cream and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 10 and 31.

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