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by Rob Tillett

More on Sagittarius, the Archer

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily for April 2014
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Daily forecasts for April 2014 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopTue Apr 1: Work And Health
Don't get bogged down in trivia, dear Archers, as you must endure more detail and specialized information than usual. Your mind is sharp and you are re-organising your working life. Fitness, diet and health matters also take your interest. Put your mind at rest about certain questions by consulting a trusted adviser. Lucky colours are bronze and gunmetal. Lucky numbers are 41 and 14.
Go to TopWed Apr 2: More Protective
Life is never perfect, Sagittarius. Sometimes we fail to accomplish all we set out to do. The Moon is the nurturing, mothering force, and stimulating your mid-heaven now it is nudging you into being more protective at work or out in the community. The more you give, the more everyone will think you are absolutely marvellous. Lucky colours are obsidian and olive. Lucky numbers are 73 and 14.
Go to TopThu Apr 3: Complete Transformation
You seem to be popular with everyone, so make the most of the good times and have fun. It will boost your morale, self-esteem and status. Thanks to Pluto, changes happening in your financial life will bring a slow but complete transformation of your sense of personal values. This can be one of the most useful influences you ever have, though it is not always easy. Lucky colours are rouge and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 10 and 16.
Go to TopFri Apr 4: Idealism And Compassion
You feel closer to other people, as idealism and compassion are being given a boost. You need to think through where you're going and how you're going to get there. It's hard to pin down or bring out into the open what has gone wrong. There seems to be crossed lines or unclear communications. This makes your everyday routines or work encounters feel confused, but relax, this is only a temporary phase. Lucky colours are cinnamon and jasper. Lucky numbers are 32 and 38.
Go to TopSat Apr 5: Benign Influence
The Moon in Gemini sets a cracking pace for the day, bringing talk, laughter and action. Make the most of good connections and congenial interchange, as your wit can win the day. Venus moves into Pisces today, so family relationships or needs will take the focus in coming weeks. You may have to cope with some ups and downs or unexpected developments in family life. Lucky colours are bright peach and onyx. Lucky numbers are 18 and 45.
Go to TopSun Apr 6: Blessing In Disguise
You may feel a little bit discouraged now, but there's really no need for it, my dear Sagittarius. Don't assume that being left to your own devices is a bad thing, or a sign that you are unlovable. Treat it as a blessing in disguise, to give yourself a little bit of space. The more effort you put in the higher your rewards will be. Recognition and praise will be wonderful for your ego. Lucky colours are snow white and black onyx. Lucky numbers are 19 and 47.
Go to TopMon Apr 7: Entertaining Conversations
As Mercury enters Aries, a time of increased communication or travel with a romantic partner, children, or social groups is in the wind. A vacation is apt to include a guided tour, or feature some other type of educational experience. Plans, discussions, and even business transactions at this time may involve entertainment projects, social events, children's education or activities, or speculative ventures. Entertaining conversations are the flavour of the day. Lucky colours are pistaccio and bone. Lucky numbers are 48 and 57.
Go to TopTue Apr 8: Top Form
Socially you are in top form, charming the birds off the trees and feeling extremely popular. Saying what you think will please, rather than what you think or feel, will seem a touch insincere, though you are well intentioned. If you feel you are losing certain aspects of an old emotional way of life, think positively. What will replace it could be sparkling, stimulating and much more alive. Lucky colours are plum and chrysoprase. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.
Go to TopWed Apr 9: Roller Coaster
The Sun today is dancing with Uranus, which can produce the unexpected. Uranus is a roller-coaster, switch-on-switch-off, to do with your affections, with indulgences and extravagances. Are you spending money like mad, then suddenly wishing you hadn't bothered? You are in love with love and putting out highly attractive vibes. Not only is that special person more romantic, you're in demand on the social scene. Lucky colours are lavender and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 51 and 58.
Go to TopThu Apr 10: Passionate Approach
You must get to the bottom of it now. You are bored with the superficial and want to get at the essentials in almost every area of your life. At times you find it difficult to be diplomatic or co-operative, but your passionate approach will appeal to those of a similar persuasion. You could be feeling blocked and stuck, so to lighten up and keep your sense of humour handy. Lucky colours are cherry and caramel. Lucky numbers are 33 and 62.
Go to TopFri Apr 11: Stronger Meaning
This is not a frivolous day. Think things through deeply and get right down below the surface. You will get a stronger meaning out of life and find new answers. Still, you are a real party animal at the moment. You want to be spontaneous and won't be able to settle down to dull chores or follow orders easily. Let your exuberance have as much play as possible. Lucky colours are laurel and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 42 and 53.
Go to TopSat Apr 12: Practical Approach
Take a more practical approach to work than usual. Develop an appetite for detail and lots of common sense. You can see the flaws and inadequacies in work situations. You loathe muddle, chaos or sloppiness and will not be backward in saying so. Companions may quail when you come around, since you are so observant. Let them know that behind your clinical approach your intentions are good-hearted. Lucky colours are parchment and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 6 and 27.
Go to TopSun Apr 13: Don't Cut Corners
Don't cut corners or go round things. Sometimes you can deceive yourself into thinking that it's just as well to avoid confrontations, but if you do anything in a vague kind of way, it often comes out rather awkwardly. Secrets can come to light at quite the wrong moment and in quite the wrong way. It's hard to put into words exactly what you think or to communicate clearly with others. Lucky colours are magenta and mustard. Lucky numbers are 22 and 67.
Go to TopMon Apr 14: Best Foot Forward
There may not be much commonsense, but there is a nice, outgoing feeling around. Just watch that lack of discipline because you basically can't be bothered with hard work just now. Your heart is definitely in the right place, so you will iron out difficulties, soothing ruffled feathers and generally putting your best diplomatic foot forward. Charm is your greatest asset. Lucky colours are hyacinth and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 58 and 61.
Go to TopTue Apr 15: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
You need the freedom of a network of friends, and the adoration of close partners. Fitting in with the crowd can have its compensations, since you have many more people around. But then you lose the rewards of being the sole focus of attention. Today's Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse in charming Libra, is a time to be surrounded by companions, the more the merrier. If you are part of a group, you'll get lots of support and helpful hints. Lucky colours are pastel hues and bright lemon. Lucky numbers are 18 and 11.
Go to TopWed Apr 16: New Experiences
You are throwing yourself into romantic encounters with a good deal of gusto, but watch out for a tendency in yourself to over-control companions or your environment. If you are acting like this, it can lead to resentment and very tense confrontations in your relationships. If you learn to let go and welcome new experiences, you'll find that you are coping with a wide variety of situations in new and helpful ways. Lucky colours are teal blue and khaki. Lucky numbers are 2 and 15.
Go to TopThu Apr 17: Too Many Ideas
Too many ideas are chasing round inside your head and you are at risk of getting in a muddle. You have got to have some kind of structure to what you are saying, otherwise you will not communicate clearly. And you may be ignoring certain details in your determination to see the broad sweep at the moment. But because of your carefulness and long term vision, your plans will pan out. Just make sure that you keep your feet on the ground. Lucky colours are amber and dark green. Lucky numbers are 35 and 8.
Go to TopFri Apr 18: Motivated
You have a lot of energy for improving life situations at the moment, but move cautiously and try tact for best results. You are very motivated to improve almost everything around you. Relationships with women, no matter what gender you are, will be good at this time. You want to show yourself in a positive way and come across as protective and nurturing. If you take care of others, then they are much more likely to respond in like manner. Lucky colours are squash and flame. Lucky numbers are 31 and 26.
Go to TopSat Apr 19: Kick Up Your Heels
If you've been stuck out of sight recently, you have a real chance to get your glad rags on and kick up your heels now. Even if you have been socialising more than usual recently, you want to know how to keep that rolling for months and months to come. Though over coming weeks you will be practical as well, keen to get details in the right place. You'll be less worried about getting praise, than in being helpful and being of service. Lucky colours are mulberry and hazel. Lucky numbers are 13 and 71.
Go to TopSun Apr 20: Success Coming Your Way
Success should be coming your way more easily than usual at the moment. Praise and a growing appreciation of your talents will have you beaming with pleasure, and a certain amount of relief. You won't be able to sit still in your normal routines and you certainly don't want to do the same boring old things. So you're whizzing around in a slightly startling kind of way. This is good for you and also for everyone else because it keeps them on the edge of their seats. Lucky colours are avocado and copper. Lucky numbers are 70 and 77.
Go to TopMon Apr 21: Keep Up Your Stamina
Keeping up your stamina is crucial now, since you are being landed with a good many chores. Watch your diet, not in the sense of eating less but maybe more sensibly, and give yourself things that are going to be of positive benefit rather than lower your energy further. You'll be skipping around looking for entertaining conversations, wanting to swap new ideas and be off doing anything that is not routine. Lucky colours are dusky rose and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 14 and 30.
Go to TopTue Apr 22: The Finer Things
Find time for the finer things of life and listen to music when you can, or look at art. Aim for activities that are going to be peaceful, pleasant and wind you down, then you will leap much more enthusiastically back into the fray. Just remember to stand up for yourself. You're determined to keep relationships around you smooth and harmonious, but turning somersaults just to keep the peace isn't always wise. Be firm but tactful if the need arises. Lucky colours are silver and lavender. Lucky numbers are 22 and 7.
Go to TopWed Apr 23: Duty First
Today your emotions are getting in the way of reason, not because you are over-heated but because you can't think as clearly as usual. You may be talking incessantly about trivia, so friends can't always follow your drift. Over the next few weeks though, your nose will be firmly stuck to the grindstone as duty comes first. You'll have to push indulgences and pleasure activities to one side and concentrate on becoming better organised. Lucky colours are silver and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 2 and 44.
Go to TopThu Apr 24: Power Play
There is the danger of a pretty ruthless power play going on around you now, but you can be a really steady rock for others to respect and appreciate. Be open to your own vulnerability and listen to feedback which will be constructive. You do have an understanding that life should be give and take. So don't be scared that if you give others knowledge about yourself they will then be able to control you. Lucky colours are pale pink and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 18.
Go to TopFri Apr 25: Jitterbug
You feel a little jittery or uptight, but it's because everything is beginning to shift for you. You want to sort one situation out in a sensible way now and are taking constructive steps to find out what you need to know. Maybe there has been some kind of a mystery that you want to get to the bottom of, or you want to get below the surface layer of reality. You are likely to find long-term answers if you persist. Lucky colours are charcoal grey and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 5 and 78.
Go to TopSat Apr 26: Deep Passion
You won't take your emotional life lightly today or be able to laugh things off. Intensity is what you crave and deep passion. You’ll either be on people or off them. It's love or loathing, nothing wishy washy in between. This isn't the day to fly solo or do things entirely on your own. You've really got to push yourself to make new agreements with close partners where money or emotional matters are concerned. It may take a compromise all round, but it will be worth it. Lucky colours are plum and champagne. Lucky numbers are 31 and 30.
Go to TopSun Apr 27: Unrewarded
You want to communicate on a much broader scale and there could be messages from afar or from overseas. You're thinking about loftier subjects such as philosophy, education or politics. Maybe you're feeling resentful because you are not given all the appreciation you might like, or you feel unrewarded. But at the end of the day you will be better pleased doing a good job for its own sake, rather than gaining success and glory in the world. Lucky colours are mango and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 8 and 19.
Go to TopMon Apr 28: Generous Archers
You are feeling generous and want to be around people who are feeling as good as yourself. So you will be doing whatever it is you can do to make sure other people's confidence is being lifted. You're not going to expect someone else to do all the hard work and will be happy and able to do it all yourself. Right now you are very aware of your own good fortune and want to share it with others. Lucky colours are walnut brown and cream. Lucky numbers are 14 and 20.
Go to TopTue Apr 29: New And Exciting
Authority figures or people who order you around are not going to be popular with you at the moment. If you can avoid really falling out with them, then you will find that everything does feel a little bit more entertaining than usual. It's important that you put yourself in a situation where you are free to go off and do something new and more exciting than usual. What you need to aim for is a real creative change. Lucky colours are emerald and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 53 and 28.
Go to TopWed Apr 30: A Little Beauty
Try to write a poem or a love letter, or maybe even paint a picture. You'll find it easier to express words and feelings in a way that has nothing to do with logic. Bring a little beauty or romance into your day and share around your good feelings. And make the effort to go on a short trip, since it could bring you happiness. Everyone will notice your presence for the next few days as you will be putting on quite a show of wit. Lucky colours are antique gold and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 27 and 46.

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